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Canned wine, good or bad?

Canned wine, good or bad?

Debunking the myth

The market

The wine

But what about the taste?

The answer is that since aluminum cans have a protective film on the inside, there is no difference in taste between a wine served from a glass bottle or a can. In a blind test you will not be able to tell the difference.
Some winemakers have embraced the trend and offer the exact same wine in a both traditional glass bottle, portion sized cans or in bag-in-box. (The last one is also that in some circles a controversial packaging) The different packaging sizes are a service to us as customers as we can easily choose what is best for the moment. Whether we are going on a picnic, meeting for dinner or organizing a large party.

The prejudices

Why not?

The future

/Maria Scharffenberg

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